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About Us

Namaste and Aloha!


First, let’s talk about our restaurant's name “Neha”- Neha is the middle name of our daughter, it means Love/Affection in Sanskrit. At the same time, it’s a combination name of Nepal (Ne) where I was born and raised and Hawaii (Ha) where my wife was born and raised. Neha’s Kitchen is a small family-owned restaurant that serves South Asian cuisine with authentic taste, where all can enjoy typical Nepali food.

Our Story

I have worked in the food and beverage industry since 2005. When I moved to Hawaii in 2014 people asked me where I was from. When I said I am from Nepal, 90% of the local community didn’t know where Nepal was. Almost 10 years have gone by, and people are still unfamiliar with Nepal. So, I decided to start a restaurant that serves authentic Nepali cuisine. Through this restaurant, I am trying to showcase Nepal and its cuisine.

Neha’s Kitchen offers such authentic food from all three regions of Nepal (Himalayan, Middle Hill, and Terai) that you may get completely lost in the fresh herbs and spices. Our vision is to make our guests feel like they are in a typical Nepali home where hospitality begins. We do offer vegan-friendly dishes to our guests as well.

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